New Blog, Newsletter, & Campaigns!

Hello Dog Lovers!

Thank you for stopping in to check out The NaturalDog’s newest addition – the Blog!  Here you will be able to check out the newest happenings with NaturalDog, eBooks, T-shirt campaigns as well as some tips, tricks and secrets to dog training and care.

So what is this T-shirt campaign we speak of? The NaturalDog began using to help raise funds so that we can expand our business! We need a new vehicle so that we can also offer pet sitting, dog walking, and even a pet transport service for you guys! Think of just how convenient it would be to have your very own professional, certified dog trainer also help in other aspects of your life! One business to serve them all!

The current campaign is for the “Be Your Dog’s Bestfriend” shirt design! This is a unique, one of a kind shirt that is ONLY available by us and Teespring! Shirts start as low as only $16.99, but the clock is ticking! They are only available for a short time before you can no longer buy. If we sell at least 10, the shirts will be printed! Choose your own style to match your personality and show off how devoted you are to your dog.

You can purchase here.


NaturalDog now has a newsletter! I promise, we will not spam your inbox full of fluff. You will only get emails that really matter.  The newsletter will consist of alerts for new blog entries, reminders for T-shirt campaigns and eBooks available. Sign up now!

Ebooks? Yep! Our very own trainer and crazy dog lady Kimberly LeMaster has her first book, The NaturalDog Diet,  in the new NaturalDog Care Series now available on! Check it out here

Natural Dog Diet_html_168d0eeb

Thanks for tuning in to our very first blog post! Look for more soon. Sign up for the newsletter on the website’s front page to stay up to date, and share share share with your dog loving friends!


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