Feed Me Convenience, or Feed Me Death; Raw Diet vs. Kibble

On TV, online, the radio, magazines and basically anywhere marketing is allowed you will see ads. Ads for one brand of kibble or another. “All natural, well balanced, and veterinarian approved” are all terms we have heard and read over and over thanks to these ads. We believe them.  These are foods made just for our precious pooches, right? Why would they say it’s balanced when it’s not? Why would they say veterinarian approved if it wasn’t healthy? After all, they do have our pets best interest in mind, right?

At what point did we all forget that these companies are businesses that need to make a profit?  When did we decide that big business should be telling us what is good for us, much less our canine companions? While not all businesses are going to cut corners and deliberately hurt our pets, their customers, to get ahead that does not necessarily mean they have our pets’ health in mind every step of the way. After all, they are a business, not pet nutritionists, selling kibble; over cooked, dehydrated pellets with added flavors, sugars, dyes and of course synthetic vitamins and minerals to make up for the lack of nutrients that have been cooked out of the real food ingredients. This is not what dogs, or any canines, were meant to eat! Real dogs deserve real food.

Natural Dog Diet_html_168d0eeb

Now, not all kibbles are little bite sized horrors that will send our dogs to the emergency room from a poisonous substance contaminating their chow, but honestly why risk any of it? You can fully control your dog’s diet, and in turn his health all on your own. The Natural Dog Diet covers all of this and so much more. You can get started cheaply, easily, and with peace of mind in feeding your dog a raw, natural diet specifically for canines.


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