End Leash Pulling pt. 2, Thanks & Shirts

By now you should be well versed in the first exercise in ending leash pulling. If you need to visit that again, here you go.   After you and your dog are accustomed to this first exercise in various contexts, it’s time to move on to step two, increasing criteria!

The second step in teaching your dog leash manners really is easier that you may think. It involves stepping away from your dog and not facing him in comparison to the first exercise in which you walk backwards. Instead of walking backwards, turn your back to him and face a different direction. Using the same verbal cues as your first exercise to encourage him to walk towards you. When he catches up, click your clicker or mark the correct behavior with a “Yep!”, and give him a valuable reward!  Continue to do this in various directions. Right after you hand him the treat, walk off again. You don’t want to give him a moment to stop and become distracted until he gets the hang of this.


After your first few sessions of this second step, make each turn a little longer. Keep it at a fast, upbeat pace to help keep your dog’s attention and he will be more than happy to cooperate.  It will seem like play to him! He just has to catch up to you, preferably by your side, and he gets a treat! How cool is that for a dog!?  Increase the amount of walking as he gets better at it. Continue walking one or two steps after he catches up and mark the behavior of him remaining by your side then give him the reward.  And again, switch directions!

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The last Teespring campaign was indeed a success!  All supporters should be receiving their shirts soon if they have not already. Remain patient, as Teespring has already shipped them out! Thank you again everyone who purchased a shirt and/or shared the campaign. Your efforts are appreciated.

For those who missed out on the Teespring Campaign, don’t fret! More designs are coming! Later in the week a poll will be announced to let you vote for the next design that makes it to the campaign.


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