The Vet’s Idea of Nutrition

If you have done your research on your dog’s natural diet, you know that kibble is one of the worst things you can put into your dog’s body.  Those who are considering switching to a raw, nutrient dense food full of raw meats, organs, bones and supplements may decide to consult their veterinarian before making their first shopping trip to the butcher or meat section of their grocer to stock up.  This is a good idea for the most part, but unfortunately the vat majority of practicing veterinarians are dead wrong with what diet is best for your dog’s health.

The Idea of Kibble

The idea of kibble definitely seems better than the results from actually using it with your dog.  Kibble is meant to be a nutrient rich dehydrated piece of edible materials that provides your dog with the essentials that he needs to survive.  All of those vitamins, minerals, proteins, and fats are combined through the use of both naturally and artificially derived materials, processed and kibbledeathpreserved into convenient little bits of crunchy and flavorful pieces that almost never go bad no matter how long they sit in the bag on a shelf in your pantry. The preservatives, and overly processed foods, the dehydration and over cooking of real food materials beat the life out of the idea that kibble can be healthy for your dog.

The fact is that veterinarians are wonderful when it comes to health conditions for your dog.  If your dog gets sick, or if you want an annual wellness check, maybe a titer test they are your go to people. They are trained and educated on a level of healing that we average pet owners are not. They are not pet nutritionists.

Vet Schools and Biased Information

It has been found out by other sources who are passionate about our canine companion’s diet and health that veterinary colleges and clinics are given grants and even incentives with their products. The main culprits are Hills (you have seen their products labeled as Hills Science Diet pet foods, including prescription diets,) and Purina.  From text books to promised coffee makers after reaching a desired number of product sales, they have their hands deep in the pies of most veterinarians. Don’t believe me? There’s plenty more evidence on the web. To top it off, there are even discussions  about the ethical delimma that vets make in recommending such foods to their clients.

Because of this, vet students are taught to feed brands such as these to pets and suggest them to their clients.  It only takes a little bit of label reading to learn what is really in those foods.

So, What Should I Feed My Dog?

Good question! Feeding your dog is just as much of a personal choice as what you yourself decide to eat on a daily basis.  No one should tell you not to feed a certain food, however you can do a great deal of damage to your pet and cut his life dramatically short with a harmful diet, no different than if you ate fast food three times a day. It is your decision, and yours alone to feed your pet the highest quality food you can find.Natural Dog Diet_html_168d0eeb

Research! Read books! Read blogs! Read articles! Watch videos! The time you take to learn what you can about your dog, his body, how it works and what you can do to preserve his life with you can be worth more than any one person, or veterinarian’s opinion.

You can find some raw recipes to fit any dog’s life style in The Natural Dog Diet eBook only on Amazon!


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