All Ground Meat & A Paw Full of Coconut!

Every week a new batch of doggy dinners are made up for the 3 furkids. This batch is made up of using only ground meats and some high quality supplements that I can’t wait to talk about.

First, you need 2 pounds of ground meat. This go around I have grass fed angus beef and natural turkey!



Secondly, you need some super-supplements!


This particular supplement by TaylorHappy has quickly turned into my go-to for glucosamine and MSM. It includes some other helpful and even required nutrients for dogs. If you have’t seen it already, check out my review on this product!

Next, all complete doggy meals require some form of organ meat. However, seeing as organ meat can be pretty time consuming chopping up, especially liver, I sometimes like to supplement fresh, raw liver with this handy-dandy super supplement called Super Gravy! Don’t let the title of this item fool you – it’s not animal fat and flour. Actually, it’s main contents are made up from concentrated beef and bison liver. To make it even better, the ingredients also include organic beef heart, chia seed, beef kidney and organic veggies like carrot and pumpkin.


Super Gravy is super healthy, but the dogs think it’s a super treat! They happily like the powder right off my hand!

Of course the final ingredient has to be coconut! Not just any coconut, but organic coconut flour all measured out in my brand new Paw Print measuring cup from the Animal Rescue Site! This measuring cup came with a set, actually and is quite useful when making dog food! Easy to clean and they cups collapse!


Mix all together, add a little water to help the food stay moist and then the fun part – digging your hands in a forming balls! The way we feed our pooches is by making a handful of the mixture into a ball, then putting that ball into a container or freezer bag. Once we’ve made them all – and this mixture made about 12 balls – they go straight into the freezer! Easy to make, easy to clean up and the dogs absolutely love it.



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