The Perfect Pet Portrait? It CAN Be Done

You LOVE your dog, right? Of course you do, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading my blog right now! We do so much for our canine companions while they are with us from feeding them a correct diet to spending hundreds a year on toys.  We also like to feed into our own emotional attachment with them through taking them on vacations, taking photos of them and placing these photos in special pet-themed frames. One thing that is missing, though is the ability to immortalize your dog through an individual, 100% original and unique pet portrait by a talented NYC artist. That is about to change…



The above photo is a high quality original oil painting on canvas by one of the talented NYC artists through  This website helps to connect pet lovers with artists so that you can have the one piece of doggy love that you just don’t have – your dog’s very own custom portrait.

How do you get one of these, you say?  First go here and check out the site. You will find the mission statement under the “How It Works” tab at the top.  Not only do they claim to bring high quality pet portraits to pet owners, but each one is commissioned by a professional New York City artist. That is something you are not going to find on!


Art takes time and cannot be rushed. These professional artists know this, and once commissioned begin with simple sketches. Finding the right portrait to bring through more than just your dog’s look but his personality, love and affection is a priority.  Traditional painting methods, when done right, will show a much higher quality than any digital painting. More love and sweat goes into it (not literally!) and when the finished product is ready you will want to reach into the canvas to pat your dog on the head.

Why go with this website? Why not commission your own artist on your own terms?  Much like any other website that brings together sellers and buyers will guide the entire process and make it so much easier on YOU!  Of course you will need to send in photos of your dog for the artist to view and get inspiration from.  The people behind the website, which are all artists, will help communication get through between you and your commissioned artist for your dog’s portrait.  It’s convenience and quality all rolled into one beautiful mission!


More than just convenience, they will also help to match the right artist for the right pet owner. All artists have their own style, and some styles can really make certain dogs pop out of the canvas!  It takes all the guesswork out of picking out the right artist for every job.

Once the deed is done and your dog’s portrait is in your hands, the work of does not end. They don’t drop the portrait into your care and ignore any further concerns or comments you may have. Great customer service makes sure you are fully and completely happy with your end product and the entire experience!


Now you can get $75 OFF your pet’s portrait when you use promo code NatDogs2015 for a LIMITED TIME ONLY!


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