Introducing a Dog and a Cat

animal-cat-amp-dog-cat-kitten-dog-sleeping-sublime-143020964817Dogs and cats, the age old rivalry that we’ve seen play out in movies and cartoons for years. But what about real life? Surely they can get along, right? Of course they can! Granted, just like with anything else, it will take time in order to introduce a dog and a cat together. Unfortunately, you cannot just throw them in a room together and hope for the best. Likewise, when there is friction between the two, you cannot just let them sort it out. As a responsible pet parent,it is up to you to conduct safe introductions between your dog and cat.


When starting the introductions, it is important to consider where you are doing them. If you are bringing a cat home to a dog that you already have, it’s important to know how your dog will react to a cat. If possible, find a friend that has a cat that is ok with dogs and see how your dog reacts with them. If you are introducing a dog to a cat you already have, it’s best to just do the introductions at home.

The best way to do introductions for a dog and cat is similar to introducing two cats together. Place an each animal in separate rooms. Let them smell each other, examine the door, and generally get to know the sounds and smells of the other animal. Over the course of a few days, switch who is in each room to allow them both time to acclimate to each others smells and areas. Do this repeatedly. Once both are calm and acting naturally, you can try leashed introductions.

For a leashed introduction, it’s important to let the cat move around without restrictions, but the dog must remain on a leash the entire time. You can continue this step until both the dog and cat seem comfortable with each other. Once they do, you may try supervised free time for both the dog and the cat. If things seem ok, then you have successfully introduced a dog and a cat! If not, however, make sure to go back to the separation and continue working from there.

What To Watch For

There are, of course, things to watch for. If your dog is staring at the door, digging, growling or barking, there may be an issue, and either your dog is not ready for a cat, or if you are introducing the dog, it may not be the right fit for your family. Likewise, when doing leashed introductions, if your dog lunges at the cat, you may need to take a step back to the separation.

The dog and cat

The dog and cat

Keep an eye on the cat as well. If the cat shows any signs of back arching, hissing or any defensive actions, it may be too early for introductions and you have to go back to the seperations.

Cats vs Dogs

Despite what cartoons may lead you to believe, cats and dogs can get along just fine. It takes time, it takes patience, and it takes a good plan, but ultimately, your cat and dog can get along like best of friends.


What Do Gamers & Dog Rescuers Have In Common?

Gaming has become a popular cultural motif in today’s society.  What was once reserved for the “nerds” of society is now for every in the social pyramid and for all ages. Now, even those who are passionate about dog rescue have their very own mobile gaming outlet that does more than just entertain – it helps rescue dogs!


Motion Stride is a game development studio that is bringing gaming animal lovers the new mobile game called Animal Case.  The mission is to raise awareness about abuse, rescue and adoption of canine companions. What better way to do it than through an entertaining, fun and colorful gaming application?

Personally, I am a gamer. I have been playing consoles since I could walk and PC games for the past 11+ years.  Mobile gaming has opened the door to games for many others that normally may never have cared for this interactive hobby.  Dog rescuers, for example, are often times too busy to bother with a game and when the time comes to relax, they are too tired to bother. Mobile gaming allows the user to play on the go – in car rides, at the dentist office and other areas they normally would be left to read a magazine or stare out a window.  Mobile games for dog rescuers, or those who really, truly care about rescuing dogs and promoting adoption have never had a real, honest game catered just to them.

11110881_920826854650517_824487960943518656_nAs it is written on the fun to visit website at, you can view the passionate mission state that claims Motion Stride is “providing the mobile gaming market with products that propagate quality moral values and increase the social awareness of important causes.”  Animal rights and animal welfare has become a hot topic item among the press and those who are emotionally and passionately driven in causes they believe in. I for one find that the mixture of the two – gamers and animal rescuers – will result in something refreshing for those looking for a new way to make a difference in the world we live in.

This means that while you sit in the vet’s waiting room for your recent foster dog to get his vaccinations, you have entertainment that helps to make a difference within the cause you have devoted your time, money, and efforts to bring change for abused, neglected, orphaned or simply unwanted dogs.

So how exactly does this game play out? I’m not entirely sure. The website does not give much information on the game itself, but it also is not yet available on the market. Once it hits online stores, however, I imagine that it will catch the attention of many dog lovers and those serious about their gaming hobby.

You can stay up to date and involved with Animal Case by both signing up for their newsletter and following Motion Stride on social media Facebook  Twitter