What Is Wrong With Dog Owners Today?

Dog lovers, dog people and pet owners all have one weakness. This one, single blast of kryptonite dissolves any bit of common sense, education or understanding of dog behavior. A cute dog video.  We all ooo, aww, and lose our minds to the cuteness that is the dog, and that can be very dangerous. Let me explain.

Misinformation takes up more space on the Internet that truth. Misinformation hurts people, hurts dogs, and can literally do nothing positive in the world.  Correct, honest and proven facts, on the other hand, can help people better understand their dogs. This higher level of canine understanding means a more intense bond between human and pet. Who doesn’t want to be closer to their dogs?dogskate

This blog post is to serve as a catalyst in a new string of blog posts breaking down the behavior expressed in dog videos gone viral. I will highlight the good, the bad, the unseen and the silly. I hope the insight I can provide on these popular, much loved dog videos will help you to look at your canine companion in a totally new light. Instead of adding your own emotions into the mix, you will see what the dog sees and, hopefully, feel what he feels as well!

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