Can My Dog Eat Almond Butter?

You may have recently read that almond butter has more nutritional value and may be tastier than peanut butter. Peanut butter is a well known treat loved by dogs, but can your dog have almond butter instead? The short answer is yes!

Nutritional Differences

While both peanut butter and almond butter have the same kind and amount of fiber, the differences really show in the vitamins! Almond butter has a substantial advantage over peanut butter when it comes to vitamin E. Your dog’s body needs vitamin E for a healthy skin and coat, and it can even help him recover from some health conditions! Almond butter is also higher in magnesium which nourishes the nervous system. It also contains 100% more iron, keeping blood oxygenated.almond-butter

A few dangers lurk in your peanut butter jar that you may not be aware of, and can help you make up your mind to switch your dog to eating almond butter instead. It is believed by many veterinarians that the use of peanut butter, even rarely, can increase your dog’s chances of acute pancreatitis. Almond butter, however, does not seem to have this danger. Don’t fear the loss of protein from not using peanut butter, because almond butter matches that found in natural peanut butter!

How Can I Give Almond Butter To My Dog?

Your imagination can really bring creative ways to provide this delicious and nutritious nut butter to your best furry friend. KONG toys can be filled with almond butter, or mix it with canned pumpkin and bake it for a crunchy home made doggy treat! Your pup can lick it right off the spoon after indulging into the healthful snack yourself!

If you really want to include this treat into your dog’s daily diet, introduce it slowly. Give him a teaspoon every other day, then increase it to every day for a good source of omega 3 fatty acids.

Can I Use Any Almond Butter?

Choose only plan, natural almond butter from your local grocer. Avoid any with added flavors or ingredients without first making sure it is safe and healthy for your dog to eat! Switching to almond butter can give your dog the health boost he has been missing. Before you know it, your dog will have a shiny, soft coat!


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